how to get more traffic to your site

7 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

By Kenny Empey / November 15, 2020

Growing your business in the early days can be tough. Learn how to get more traffic to your website so you can start making sales!

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benefits of ppc advertising campaigns

10 Benefits of PPC Advertising Campaigns

By Kenny Empey / November 1, 2020

Want to start marketing your business TODAY? Learn more about the benefits of PPC advertising and how it can kickstart your growth.

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improve google ads conversion rate

7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

By Kenny Empey / October 6, 2020

PPC is a great way to grow your business, but many companies struggle to see results. Learn how to improve your Google Ads conversion rate!

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common seo mistakes

Are you making any of these common SEO mistakes?

By Kenny Empey / August 25, 2020

We’ve done hundreds of SEO audits over the years and we’ve found a handful of common SEO mistakes that prevent websites from ranking.

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ppc statistics to help grow your business

The Ultimate List of 97 PPC Statistics to Supercharge Your Paid Marketing Campaigns in 2022

By Kenny Empey / July 18, 2020

Learn more about how much of an impact PPC can have on your business with our exhaustive list of PPC statistics!

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search engine optimization statistics

44 Crucial SEO Statistics to Help Grow Your Organic Traffic in 2022

By Kenny Empey / June 16, 2020

There is no better way to grow your business than with SEO. Learn more about organic search with this list of SEO statistics!

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