boost lead generation conversion rates

7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation Conversion Rates

By Kenny Empey / May 31, 2020

Your lead generation conversion rates can ALWAYS be better. Check out these 7 simple tips to boost yours!

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improve your google adwords account

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Performance

By Kenny Empey / October 26, 2019

Want to get a little boost our of your PPC campaigns? Check out these 5 quick tips to get the most out of your budget.

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SEO Agency Recommendations: What to Look for in an SEO Company

By Kenny Empey / October 13, 2019

Finding a good SEO agency can be rough. Follow these recommendations to help you find an agency worth hiring!

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setting up google analytics on your website

Setting up Google Analytics on Your Website

By Kenny Empey / October 8, 2019

To make good marketing decisions you need data to back them up. Use this guide to get Google Analytics installed on your site today.

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factors that affect ecommerce sales

6 Important Factors that Can Affect Your Ecommerce Sales

By Kenny Empey / September 23, 2019

A great ecommerce store anticipates barriers to conversion & breaks them down. These 6 things could be stopping your customers from converting.

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social media marketing questions to ask

Questions to Ask Before Marketing Your Company on Social Media

By Kenny Empey / September 17, 2019

Before you post anything on social media, you need to have a strategy and that starts with asking yourself some very simple questions.

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marketing your small business for free

Marketing Your Small Business for Free

By Kenny Empey / September 11, 2019

You don’t HAVE to hire an agency to handle the basics. Check out this list of ways that you can market your business for FREE!

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Guide to Online Marketing for Small Business Owners

By Kenny Empey / September 6, 2019

Small business owners have to wear multiple hats and one of those is marketing. Check out our beginner’s guide to start marketing your company.

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