piano moving company seo case study

Piano Moving Company SEO Case Study

+252% organic traffic and +93% conversions in just 5 months!

Being in a popular industry with a ton of high volume keywords makes our jobs as SEOs a whole lot easier. But what can you do if the volume just isn’t there?

You think outside the box! There are still plenty of opportunities to grow your business even if your industry isn’t as popular as others.

We’ll cover how we were able to increase our hyper-niche client’s organic traffic by 252% and almost double their organic conversions in just a few short months.

Let’s get right to it!

Client Background

This may sound familiar if you’ve already read our piano mover PPC case study since it’s the same client.

This client is a mom-and-pop shop that’s been moving pianos throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area for going on 40 years now. Most of their business came from word-of-mouth and customer referrals from their existing clients. This helped them carve out a great deal of regional authority, but it didn’t translate well to the digital landscape.

Having their PPC campaigns up and running gave them a good deal of brand exposure, but we knew there was still money being left on the table. We needed to help them tap into this unrealized potential.


They had two big problems. First, piano moving is an incredibly niche market.

Sure, you’ll probably find a keyboard in a teenager’s bedroom, but how many legitimate pianos are out there? According to Parade magazine, only 1 in 3,788 families, or 0.03%, owns one these days. That’s a significant drop compared to 1 in every 316 homes (or 0.32%) back in 1978.

Second, their keyword pool is incredibly small. There are only so many ways you can say “piano movers” without it sounding like you’re randomly picking words out of a thesaurus.

So, we have a niche industry with a shrinking audience and a small subset of keywords that can be targeted naturally.

Our Plan

Our goal is to cement them as the authority in the piano moving industry. To do that we needed to saturate the search results with their website. We want them to be in the top 5 search results whenever their potential customers look for their services.

However, as we previously mentioned, they have a very narrow keyword set. This severely limits our targeting options without becoming incredibly spammy. We do have another option though.

Targeting relevant adjacent topics.

Instead of just targeting “piano movers” and its close variations, we found new growth opportunities by looking outside the box. A piano is more than just an instrument. It needs attention, upkeep, and a caring owner. Someone that’ll pay attention to the climate to make sure the strings don’t warp. A person that will be sure to tune it regularly.

By targeting topics surrounding pianos, we’ll be able to plant a brand awareness seed in their minds before they even know that they’re a potential customer for this business. When they do need to move their piano, our client will be the ones they think of first.

The Results

We have been exceedingly pleased with the results of this SEO and content marketing strategy. In a little over 5 months, we’ve been able to increase their organic traffic by 252% and their organic leads by 93%.

piano mover organic traffic growth

This also boosted traffic to their homepage by 60% from the jump in overall brand awareness in piano owners like we had hoped. More importantly, we’re seeing the early stages of compound growth.

This is an incredibly important goal for every business to achieve. Not only does it bode well for future growth, but it also raises your bottom line to a new level.

It’s a simple concept, but a higher level of passive organic traffic means a larger amount of inbound leads that you don’t have to work for. More leads mean more opportunities to turn these prospects into customers.

And, naturally, more customers means more revenue.

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