security camera ecommerce case study

Security Camera Equipment Ecommerce Case Study

+124% Organic Traffic Growth in Just 4 Months!

We doubled the traffic to this security camera equipment company’s eCommerce store in just 4 short months!

Want to know what we did? Of course you do!!

security camera ecommerce organic traffic growth

Let’s get to it!

Client Overview

This particular client was one of the major players in the security camera equipment space in the late 2000s to early 2010s. Their eCommerce site used to rank in the top 5 search results for a large number of important keywords that got them 40,000+ recurring visitors every month.

They used to get roughly 8,000 organic visits a week and were down to 600 visits per week, or a 90% traffic loss!!! And a 93% revenue loss from their organic traffic!!!

They went from pulling in multi 7-figures annually to barely pulling in mid 5-figures annually in just 6 years. It is, without a doubt, one of the worst falls from grace we’ve seen.

security camera ecommerce traffic loss
What happens when you ignore spammy marketing tactics.

Similar to most of our other SEO clients, they tried some strategies in the past that were considered “best practices”, but are now known to be spammy and manipulative tactics. This led to their organic traffic taking a major hit when Panda and Penguin were released in 2013.

What was worse is that when they were penalized for those tactics, they didn’t go back and clean them up so they sat on their domain and festered, which led to the previously mentioned losses.

The company had also been sold a few times in the following 6 years and their marketing had been seriously neglected. However, they did hire an excellent in-house marketer that spent the previous 9 months getting their house in order.

Their goal for us was to help get them back to where they were in 2013.

It was a tall order, but we like a challenge.

Results of our SEO Audit

We touched on it above, but this company did not have a good history when it came to their marketing efforts. However, it was in the process of being cleaned up so we coordinated with their in-house marketer to make sure our efforts didn’t overlap.

He was working on fixing the issues related to Panda, so we went with Penguin.

We focused our SEO audit on their backlink profile, internal linking, and site crawl rate / sitemap index rates. The goal we set for ourselves here was that we didn’t want the in-house guy’s work to go unnoticed so we wanted to maximize Google’s visibility of the site and cut away all the dead weight (bad links) that was holding the site back.

What we found:

  • Unnatural link profile full of spammy / low quality links, blog comment back links, sitewide backlinks from previous link trading partnerships, etc.
  • No internal linking outside of the site navigation.
  • Half a dozen sitemaps that had cross-cannibalization and non-existent pages included in them.

Our Solution

We need to approach the issue at multiple angles since it wasn’t just one glaring issue that caused their losses.

To start building organic traffic:

  • Pulled a list of the top 20 organic landing pages from their successful years.
  • Performed a deep dive on keyword research to find relevant keywords with a good balance of growth potential and low to medium difficulty rating.
  • Cross referenced the two lists to find organic landing pages to target.
  • Coordinated with their team to get new content on those pages and optimize them based on the data from our keyword research.
  • Performed outreach to build organic, white-hat back links from relevant and authoritative websites to those target pages.

To combat the unnatural link profile:

  • Scrubbed their entire inbound link profile.
  • Organized backlinks into categories (low quality, spam, manipulative tactic, relevant, good, etc.).
  • Prioritize that list into low, medium, and high tiers.
  • Compiled a finalized list of the most egregious offenders.
  • Submitted a link disavow list.

The Results

We were very pleased with how responsive their eCommerce store was to these changes. We doubled their organic traffic, tripled their # of orders, tripled their revenue, and quadrupled their conversion rate in short order.

  • +124% organic traffic
  • +223% transactions
  • +206% revenue
  • +290% conversion rate

By finding the previously successful pages and keywords, we just had to follow the old blueprint. We knew what worked before and set ourselves up for success.

security camera ecommerce organic traffic growth
security camera ecommerce site growth

We were able to make this happen so quickly because their in-house marketer had been cleaning up the site and already did much of the necessary grunt work. They cleaned up years’ worth of manipulative practices which needed to be done before we could have started thinking about our work.

It was truly a wonderful collaborative experience where we were a valuable resource to one another. That teamwork showed in how much we were able to move the needle in such a short amount of time.


  1. Pay attention to Google’s algorithm updates. The internet is Google’s sandbox, we’re just playing in it and we have to play by their rules. You can not like and disagree with the changes they make, but that isn’t going to change anything.

    Adapt to it and rise to the challenge. Your competitors will so you better figure it out before they do or you’ll be stuck fighting over their scraps.
  2. Don’t ignore your marketing. Understandably, budgets change, a key employee does something stupid and gets fired for it, or any number of other things happens and marketing gets pushed to the back burner. Things happen, but you can’t ignore it. You have to hop back up on the horse and get back to work ASAP.

    100% of the companies I’ve seen A) downsize their marketing team, B) scale back their marketing budget, C) shift their marketing team to a different project, or D) stop marketing altogether when revenue starts drying up have all gone under within 5 years. 100% of them.

    That is not an exaggeration. That is not hyperbole. They have all been forced to close their doors within 5 years because they handcuffed the only people capable of getting them out of the hole they found themselves in. It’s like if you hit a little turbulence while you’re flying and rather than staying calm, you decide to shoot the pilot instead.

    Don’t do that.

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