Ad Extensions

What are Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions are additional ways for you to convey important or noteworthy information about your business in your AdWords ads to potential customers.

Purpose of Ad Extensions

The main purpose behind this feature is to provide additional value to a searcher. The side effect is that you have a higher likelihood of capturing more clicks due to higher visibility and by differentiating your ad copy from the competition.

AdWords is an incredibly competitive space and your company isn’t the only one looking to bring on new clients. Making full use of this feature allows you to showcase your products / services, leverage your value proposition, and curate your potential customers’ first touch point with your brand.

And when you’re doing pay per click marketing, you need to give yourself every opportunity to capitalize on your clicks. You are paying for them after all.

Benefits of Using Extensions

The main benefit of using ad extensions is that they make your ad stand out from the competition by taking up more real estate. Every extension you use is another that can possibly be shown when your ad is triggered by a search query. And the more space your ad takes up, the more it’s able to pull focus and get more visibility.

An ad in a lower position with a rounded out offering of extensions can get more visibility than an ad in a higher position. That means that you can set a lower CPC for your ad and pay less per click than your competitors while still getting a good amount of clicks.

google adwords ad extensions example
The first ad is using a sitelink ad extension to give more info about their business.

How do they work?

Google won’t show all of your extensions at the same time. However, they will selectively choose to show the ones they deem relevant for a searcher’s query. The additional value provided by them usually results in higher engagement and a lower cost per action / conversion. This is why it’s widely recommended to set up as many extensions as possible so Google has the option to show one to match the user’s intent.

There is zero additional cost involved in using ad extensions and those that require manual set up take very little time to get up and running.

Creating an Ad Extension

  • Log into your Google AdWords account.
  • Click on your desired Campaign.
  • Go to Ads & Extensions in the left nav menu.
  • Click Extensions in the horizontal menu at the top of the page.
  • You can view your existing ad extensions here or:
  • Click on the Plus Sign to add a new extension.

Types of Ad Extensions

  • Sitelink: Provide direct links to deep pages on your site that target specific products, promotions, or provide more information about your products / services.
  • Callout: Add additional descriptive text to your ads to call attention to your value add services, i.e. free delivery, 30 day guarantees, etc.
  • Structured Snippet: Allows you to highlight a specific aspect of your business, i.e. destinations, brands, etc.
  • Call: Add your phone number to your ad to encourage calls to your business.
  • Lead Form: (Currently in BETA as of 11/7/19).
  • Message: Get text messages from users and open up a direct line of communication.
  • Location: Add your physical address to your ad. Especially useful for targeting local geographics and marketing individual locations.
  • Price: Directly add prices to your ads on up to 5 products.
  • App: Promote your company’s app and encourage downloads.
  • Promotion: Highlight a promotion in your ad copy to boost your sale’s performance.

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